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Home Watch any movie in 3D without a 3DTV, no electronics needed!
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Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews:

I have used these for a whole month and I am amazed. It is not completely like IMAX 3-D, but the next best thing. — Brother Fré in California

WOW- WHO'D A THUNK IT-The darn things work-Its cool and amazing — smac5455

Well made product, fast shipping, works best with distant backgrounds, good deal. — krahke

These glasses are fantastic and really makes the picture that much more intense. — nickreallybigdeal

great invention/love it for action flicks — bluegarbo52

Very cool I only had tried it for an hour, works great with my I pad video games — avitrondean  

Watch anything in 3D.

TV Eyes 3D Glasses are a completely new approach to 3D, designed to work using regular movies and TVs. No 3DTVs or 3D movies needed. No electronics.

Just put on the glasses and watch TV.

Watch Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars all in 3D, using normal videos!

TV pictures becomes clearer, deeper, sharper, more solid and three-dimensional. 

Distances look farther, spaces look larger, people and objects stand out more from the background and look more contoured and three-dimensional. Computer animated effects and green screen effects look more real and are integrated more seamlessly into the picture.

The glasses are Patented and Guaranteed to Work or your Money Back!

Instead of using stereopsis (which requires special movies) TV Eyes use "depth of field" an effect created by a camera aperture (that small hole behind the lens.)

Camera apertures have the ability to focus for a specific range of depth within a picture. By combining that depth focusing effect with just the right degree of offset a normal 2D picture can be made to look 3D, similar to the appearance of Viewmaster 3D (TM). 

Check our Reviews and read our How it Works page.

TV Eyes Glasses Skeptic's Review - He didn't think the glasses would work, but tried them for himself. Read what he learned in his own words. 



  • WOW! gives you same effect as shutter glasses,cheaper no wires, and works on HDTVs++
  • Thank you so much for the glasses. They are incredible, movies have a fresh new replay value when viewd threw these! i hope other people give them a try they're great!
  • I'd have responded sooner, but I was having too much fun enjoying some of my old favorites again. Great product. In my experience, the picture is similar to that of a View Master viewer. By the way, the lack of "popping" off of the screen is very well made up for by the illusion of depth. Thanks for such an amazing product.
  • Dear tveyes, the glasses work exactly the way you described it. It's a shame they're not sold in stores or any TV advertisement. You would have made a bundle out of them and the whole world will probably be using these glasses. Anyway great product and was definitely worth it.

Moneyback Guarantee! If you don't think TV Eyes has improved your TV picture, simply return it to us within 60 days for a full refund (minus shipping and handling). See "Guarantee" tab for full details.

Note: This is not the same stereoscopic 3D you would see at the theater. That type of 3D does not work on regular movies. Objects will not jump out of the screen. Instead, TV Eyes 3D makes the movie deeper, similar to Viewmaster 3D.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a 3DTV and 3D DVDs when you could use TV Eyes 3D Glasses to watch all your favorite movies in 3D right now!
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